Who Needs Money?

I make a living out of my work.

However, I’ve never been motivated by money; even though I’ve always worked for big for-profit companies. I suspect many people feel the same way. Money is nice but finding meaning, purposesatisfaction and creativity through your hard work is more important. On the other hand, you need enough money to feel free of worry or you can’t easily enjoy the other stuff. The CEO and co-founder at Gravity Payments, Dan Price, discovered something like this when he implemented a plan to raise the minimum wage at his company to $70,000 while lowering his own salary to the same amount. He got a lot of positive and negative press from it. Business commenters criticized him, but applications to his company went crazy and over the past year revenue and profits have doubled. Price doesn’t hate money but he wanted to make sure his employees felt they were getting a fair deal and his goal is to grow the company to the point where his salary can return to a competitive level and he can hire a new CEO. In the meantime, he has a company where people worry less about money than they do about making a difference.

It’s pretty amazing.