Keeping Top Talent | 7 Rules to Keep Top Talent

Getting top talent is one thing. Keeping them is another.  This is a struggle of many organizations. There’s so much opportunity in the world right now. Competitors, startups, market-adjacent enterprises. These companies want what you have: a walking, talking leader....

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My life in 2020 — A year that changed everything

January 20 — Pondering the Meaning of Life! Are we here to pursue happiness and make our dreams come true? What does happiness even mean? Is it like biting into wonderful home-made Swiss Chocolate? Or is it more like making wonderful home-made Swiss Chocolate for others to enjoy?...

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Liberal 25.11.20

Πού πάνε τα νέα όταν φεύγουν μπαμπά;

Το πρόβλημα της καθολικής απόσπασης της προσοχής μας Το σκεφτόμουνα πρόσφατα, όταν κάποιος ανέφερε το ZIKA. Μα, τι είναι αυτό, σκέφτηκα; Μήπως είναι ποτό, ή μήπως κάποιο app; Ναι, μάλλον app είναι. Όχι, μάλλον μάρκα ρούχων. Παρότι δεν είμαι ακόμα...

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Measuring Purpose: Boards Must Demand Enhanced KPI’s

Volkswagen and Toyota were both launched in the 1930s to produce affordable automobiles for the people of Germany and Japan, respectively. Volkswagen even labeled itself as “the people’s car” — a slogan that became linked with its purpose. Both companies were enormously...

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It’s Time for Boards to Take Purpose & Impact Seriously

Boards provide critical guidance and support at every stage of a company’s life. The traditional orientation of a Board, however, is to focus on performance and growth to drive shareholder value. While these are worthy objectives, they represent outputs, not causes. The inspiration, alignment, and resiliency required...

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The Purpose of a Board: Guidance in Staying True

Facebook’s reputation turned over the course of two crises that changed the way many people see the impact of social media. The first crisis was in 2011 when the Arab Spring uprising led to mass protests and upheaval around the Middle East. In regions where...

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