COVID-19 and the Opportunity to Fix the World

Inmy book, The Gift of Crisis, I listed 10 challenges as potential “level one” global problems that could and probably would disrupt society, business, the economy, and even the course of humanity in the future. COVID-19 was not one of them. But the pandemic...

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Run the Talk

Corporate Messages During Crisis: Responding to Historical Moments “Make it simple, but significant.”                                                      ...

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Achieving Business Equilibrium

The Three Laws of Crisis: What Thermodynamics Teaches Us “Things fall apart; the center cannot hold;Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world…” WB Yeats   Once upon a time, I studied chemical engineering. Those classes usually feel like another lifetime,...

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It is never too late

Social Injustice and the Gift of Crisis – 5 Steps for Your Company A horrible murder was committed on May 25, 2020 on an ordinary street in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The victim was an African American man named George Floyd. The...

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When the Vitruvian Man Met COVID

What kind of leader do you need to be in a crisis? This is not a theoretical question today, of course, and yet it is one that leaders should consider deeply even as they grapple with the crisis at hand....

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Another Ordinary Day 2021

Another Ordinary Day Lacroix Family Calendar for Friday, May 7, 2021 The Lacroix family, Anne-Marie (42), Pierre (47), Sophie (16), and Nicolas (7), live in Nyon, Canton Vaud, just between Lausanne and Geneva in Switzerland. Today is Pierre’s 47th birthday, his...

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Crisis Leadership and Sports Tech

A Zoom call for Global Sports Tech Talks — 17.04.20 I was lucky or unlucky to be in the middle of 2 crises as Managing Director of sizable organizations. Athens Dec 2009 and the following quarter — a financial crisis...

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The Advantages of Absolute Transparency

  A few weeks before Christmas in 1995, Malden Mills, the original manufacturer of Polartec clothing, burned to the ground. For the community of Lawrence, Massachusetts, the crisis was devastating. Malden Mills employed 1,400 people, now out of work. Except...

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Rare Whisky, Real News, True Leaders

by Christos Tsolkas I used to work for the whisky business some years ago. I learned how it is made, stored and matured in precious casks. I met master blenders. To me they were almost like magicians.

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