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Christos Tsolkas is an entrepreneur, investor, and author of The Gift of Crisis. He has been featured on Harvard Business Review, Forbes, GILD (Global Institute of Leadership Development), and many more. For over 25 years, Christos has successfully led teams, managed turnarounds, and aided digital transformation. He currently serves as the CEO of a significant organization in the dairy and food space.

Your Trusted Crisis Leader

Christos has had the unique opportunity to lead organizations during times of extreme crisis, ranging from the Greek Economic Default of 2010 to the first Ukrainian Crisis of 2013/14 that devolved into a violent geopolitical conflict. In both cases, Christos stabilized business operations and maintained the morale and security of personnel while delivering business results. Most importantly, he leveraged each crisis to catalyze the development of his management teams, enabling the organization to not only weather those storms but thrive. As a result, Christos has developed the Crisis Leadership framework, an imperative for today's organizations.

The Gift of Crisis

How Leaders Use Purpose to Renew their Lives, Change their Organization and Save the World

The Gift of Crisis is a roadmap of proven-in-practice steps for all organizations to properly use any crisis to reset and redefine their purpose and business model, align their stakeholders and society, and use innovation and technology to grow exponentially and help the planet become a better home.

Crisis is a gift. Use it to open your mind and induce change and growth.

“Christos is a genuine believer in his theory ‘purpose rising from crisis’ which is carved from firsthand experience. He presents his mantra in an honest manner and each reader is certain to extract their own personal gem from this treasure trove.”

- Naava Mashiah, Author, Private Equity/Wealth Management expert, Geneva Switzerland

“Having seen Christos deal with multiple crises as an international executive, I was very pleased to see that he decided to share his learnings and insights with the world and write this book. I know his book will be of great help to all those seeking to take their leadership skills to a new level of conceptualization.”

- Greg Krasnov, Serial Entrepreneur, Founder and CEO Forum Capital, Singapore

“Humble and witty at the same time, Christos shows how purpose is not just a buzzword, but it can trigger fundamental changes in everyone, and thus change the world.”

- Gianpaolo Turri , President Adamant Namiki, Tokyo Japan

“Christos Tsolkas has written a must-read primer for those that MIGHT go through a crisis. After reading this book you will have a roadmap and the confidence to sail through it with Purpose.”

- Trini Amador Author, Managing Director, Global Brand Marketer, BHC Consulting, San Francisco, CA

“In this fascinating book, Tsolkas shows how crises can foment innovation that creates shareholder value in purposeful ways that are more than just lip service.”

- Jonathan Levav, Professor of Marketing at Stanford Graduate School of Business

“A personal story and an adventure that combines insights, research, experiences and personal advice from someone who lived and breathed what he writes about.”

- Dr. Phil Harkins, author of Powerful Conversations, Everybody Wins, In Search of Leadership

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