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  • Are you struggling to retain quality talent and build A+ teams?
  • Do you sense your competitive edge needs reshaping?
  • Do you believe that what brought you here won't help you where you want to be?
  • Have you reached a plateau and need a new spin?
  • Are you looking for a broader purpose?
  • Do you feel concerned by potential disruption?
  • Are you seeking new tools and methods?
  • Do you feel lonely at the top?


The Gift of Crisis

How Leaders Use Purpose to Renew their Lives, Change their Organizations and Save the World.

By Christos Tsolkas, Available February 2020.

Christos Tsolkas

Running a company is challenging and stressful. It’s like climbing up a rocky mountain. Prior successes do not guarantee future ones as the world becomes increasingly disruptive. You need to use the proper tools, strategies and route that will help you reach the top.

You must define your broader purpose beyond customers and consumers. You need to know how to adapt to the changing political, regulatory, technological and economic climate. You must know how to create an efficient, reliable and productive team to help you on your journey. There are proven business strategies to help you safely reach new summits.

I’ve been there myself.

I was the Managing Director of large organizations in Southern Europe (2009 – 2011) and in Eastern Europe (2012-2015). During these years, we experienced significant crises and I felt anxious and worried. I wish I could rely on someone to help me make the right business decisions beyond my gut feeling and the support of an outstanding team.

I’ve successfully lead teams, managed turnarounds and aided digital transformation for over 25 years. I now work with established companies and start-ups, to improve innovation and growth injecting a broader purpose into their business model.

As an independent advisor, I also help family businesses and start ups to increase revenue all around the world. I am also an entrepreneur myself and angel investor in a handful of promising start ups.

This website is the initial point of contact. Its main purpose is to introduce my theories and methodologies and give inspiration and solutions to leaders all around the world. It is also built with the ambition of aggregating useful ideas and practical tools from the members of my expert network in a variety of disciplines.

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Pain Points I Tackle:

  • Handle Crisis in an Experiential Mode
  • Rediscover your company’s Purpose & ID
  • Reinvent Sales & Go to market to purposefully differentiate
  • Redefine a purposeful portfolio of brands & services
  • Harness technology and innovation to serve your purpose
  • Rebuild A+ teams, motivate, align, lead to high performance & impact
  • Craft an A-Z roadmap to scale & grow your company and help the world


  • “Christos is a genuine believer in his theory ‘purpose rising from crisis’ which is carved from firsthand experience. He presents his mantra in an honest manner and each reader is certain to extract their own personal gem from this treasure trove.”

    - Naava Mashiah, Author, Private Equity/Wealth Management expert, Geneva Switzerland

  • “Having seen Christos deal with multiple crises as an international executive, I was very pleased to see that he decided to share his learnings and insights with the world and write this book. I know his book will be of great help to all those seeking to take their leadership skills to a new level of conceptualization.”

    - Greg Krasnov, Serial Entrepreneur, Founder and CEO Forum Capital, Singapore

  • “Humble and witty at the same time, Christos shows how purpose is not just a buzzword, but it can trigger fundamental changes in everyone, and thus change the world.”

    - Gianpaolo Turri , President Adamant Namiki, Tokyo Japan

  • “Christos Tsolkas has written a must-read primer for those that MIGHT go through a crisis. After reading this book you will have a roadmap and the confidence to sail through it with Purpose.”

    - Trini Amador Author, Managing Director, Global Brand Marketer, BHC Consulting, San Francisco, CA

Benefits of Working With Me:


We can collaborate remotely and face to face.


Apart from international leader in multinationals, I am an active entrepreneur, advisory board member and investor.


I can pull specialized resources to help you on very specific topics like: People, Branding, Digital, Growth, Turnaround and Innovation.


I can start from the problem definition to design the solution and follow-up with the execution and results.

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