Where do you Come from?

Culture vs Country, routes vs experiences. Rituals, relationships, restrictions.

A so simple yet very interesting piece of thinking which tries to help us break the clichés. A world without borders! Where are you from?

It’s kind of difficult for me to give a definite answer to such a question. I am definitely Greek. But then what? My mother comes from Corfu, my father from Central Greece, but raised in Patras, I was born and grown up in Athens, spent my summers in our house in Corfu, then London, Paris a bit, Lausanne, Kiev, bit by bit the whole world. I want to reply that I come from the place of my heart, the little village of my childhood next to sea. My memories and my emotional load beats the Registry.

Taiye Selasi in her TED talk cuts across the notions of localism, nationalism, patriotism, globalism suggesting a new set of coordinates. Really interesting and for many people well resonating.

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