Leadership, Management & Decision-making

Every month, my friends all over the world send me links on topics that are important to leaders. I’d like to share them with you. Feel free to chip in.



  1. In a tough growth environment, one in five brands consistently performs better than the category average. Bain analysis reveals what sets these brand winners apart.
  2. Companies using cloud, mobility, big data enjoying 50% faster revenue growth according to a Dell survey.
  3. Bain Partner Marcello Tripodo speaks about perfecting sales execution in traditional and modern trade.
  4. An Interview with the CEO of Maersk Group on leadership through transformation.
  5. In a culture that consistently produces great leaders, several common things are happening. The best strategy to create leaders is NO STRATEGY.
  6. What it takes to be a great leader: a recommended reading list.
  7. Here are some of the best podcasts for honing your leadership skills.
  8. Have you achieved your 2015 leadership goals? Time to recap with a few end-of-year considerations and start thinking about next year.



  1. Inc. suggests cream of the crop strategies successful people use for effective decision-making.
  2. How can leaders alter the environment where people are more likely to make choices that lead to good outcomes? HBR suggests an approach for structuring work to encourage good decision-making.
  3. Learn how to best make the choices that keep your business moving forward by considering these 4 factors.



  1. In this short video, Margaret Moore, CEO of Wellcoaches Corporation, offers tips for making your one-on-one meetings with your direct reports more collaborative and productive.
  2. 5 golden rules of coaching salespeople.
  3. What is wrong with all this craze about business coaching? Watch out. Read Adizes’s warning in his blog entry on HuffPost.


Teams & Capability

  1. Workshops in another setting can provide employees with a valuable means of thinking critically about their company’s vision. More about basic design elements of workshops that determine their effectiveness read in Strategy + Business blog.
  2. Read about the most quintessential parts of sales acceleration–the six P’s.

Public Speaking

  1. The rules of public speaking are changing in an age of Ted Talks and YouTube. Here is how to adapt.
  2. The best speeches may seem effortless, but they are not. Here are some master strategies to make them feel that way.
  3. The ability to harness your breath is one of the most important and least taught areas within public speaking. HBR tells how to harness the power of breathing in order to speak with confidence and power.
  4. These how-to articles provide you with quick and easy tips for how to prepare and present an award, use visual aids and props, incorporate body language into your presentations, and more.
  5. How to strengthen your presentation with friendly tools & tips 


  1. For essays, updates, announcements, emails, and more, here’s an abridged guide to writing with clarity and substance.
  2. Data storytelling has become a powerful part of the communications toolkit. Learn how to give a data-heavy presentation from HBR article.
  3. 5 Apps that can improve your everyday writing.


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