Invest in Yourself

Jon Westenberg gets depressed when he doesn’t invest in himself. I know the feeling.

We can get so busy doing our work or racing through each day that we completely lose touch with stuff that energizes us, makes us grow, helps us enjoy the moment, or helps us build toward the person we ultimately want to be.
So how do you find some time and energy to focus on what really matters to you every day? Westenberg has a great system. He starts wide, then he categorizes, then he establishes focus and routine.
First, come up with a list of 100 things you are going to do in your life. 100 may seem like too much but reading Westenberg’s list even got me excited. There’s a lot of things I want to do too, and they have a lot of range. That’s the problem with just focusing on work – it limits us and doesn’t feed everything.
Then, divide that list into things you need time for, things you need skills for, and things you can do immediately. Next, create a skill chart to figure out what you need to do to accomplish those things. Knock off some things you can do immediately to put some fuel in your tank. Spend time every day looking at your list and thinking about it. And finally take time every day to work on some of the biggest things as if your job or your livelihood depended on it.
That feels both creative and motivating enough to try.