Wasting time regrets

If you could go back in time and tell yourself to do some things differently, what would you say?

Kristin Wong has come up with a great list of things that wasted time that she regrets.

First up, not asking for help. Yes. We all want to seem as though we understand and know everything but that is because we are afraid! If only we could be honest and say, I don’t understand, can you explain more or help me. A good boss would rather you were honest so she can help you right away. And as Wong points out, it’s a great way to develop a mentoring relationship.

Second, trying to make bad relationships work. I think about this in terms of employees. Sometimes the fit just isn’t right, or the person isn’t willing to put in the effort to make your investment in them worthwhile. Better to cut the cord sooner and move on – better for both of you in fact. If you do it right, the employee will appreciate you even more for setting them free.

Third, dwelling on failure. It’s so easy to do but it wastes so much creative energy. Good athletes have a ten second clock in their brains. They know failure is part of the action and the important thing is to move on to the moment in time where the game is being played.

Fourth, worrying too much about other people. This is something that gets easier as you get older.

And remember to stay young!