The Work You Love

Should you stick in a job that builds your resume even if you don’t love it?

I believe in resisting the marshmallow but Warren Buffett said:

“Taking jobs to build up your resume is the same as saving up sex for old age.”

Scott Dinsmore started interviewing people and found that 80 would quit their job within two months. They’re “climbing the ladder” but it’s “leaning against the wrong wall.” His advice for working toward your passion:

1) Become a self-expert and identify your unique strengths,

2) Determine your framework for making decisions by figuring out what you care about, and

3) Analyze your experiences to determine what feels good and what success really means to you.

To Scott those three pillars are 100% in your control. “No one can tell you,  you can’t learn about yourself. No one can tell you, you can’t push your limits and learn your own impossible and push that.”

Photo Joe Mohamed