The No-Longer-News Problem: How Mass Distraction and Constant Newness Undermine Everything


Where do those stories go?

1. By losing track of important events that are no longer in the news, it seems likely that we will also fail to address or solve underlying problems or longer-term consequences.

2. Mentally, it seems unhealthy to clutter our brains with a constant flow of stuff that grasps us intensely for a short time and then disappears…

3. When we continuously keep moving on to the next thing, we also struggle to follow through on plans or build toward a better future. We even lose our creativity as our brain doesn’t have a free capacity to think out of the norm. According to many studies “Boredom can spark Creativity” — no time to get bored today.

Bring us the “old news” back,

Free our mind space,

Get bored sometimes,

Stop the Planning Bias (especially for the Corporates),

Focus our collective energy on meaning and purpose.

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