Sunday September 2

Chapter Three: WE NEVER STOP

…..In a positive team environment, people give and get all the time. They contribute and are supported in turn. This makes them feel less lonely and isolated and more engaged. When combined with a clear and compelling sense of shared purpose, such as during a crisis or important project, the team is even more powerful because it knows what to do and experiences less confusion or hesitation.
Over a period of time, these teams grow closer and more collaborative.

We never stop

Interestingly, the individuals of the team also grow as people and leaders.

I first saw this in Greece. We developed a vision to improve important aspects of the business. The economic crisis hit and our market collapsed overnight. Suddenly, all of our business plans were meaningless, empty.
When something like this happens, you need to scrap everything and focus on the one true thing that matters. In this way, a very clear sense of purpose got crystallized and became our catalyst. We articulated it as [Tweet “We Never Stop”].It meant that even though the economic crisis was so overwhelming, we would never stop. Our purpose was to become stronger as a business despite the financial chaos around us. We aimed to be in better shape as a team when the crisis ended so that we could really take advantage of the next growth opportunity phase…..
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