Startups in Europe

Every month, my friends all over the world send me links on topics that are important to leaders and entrepreneurs. I’d like to share them with you. Feel free to chip in.

  1. Europe’s startup economy is in the best shape it has ever been and still needs work. Get acquainted with some research findings on the much-debated state of the European startup scene.
  2. Berlin is catching up to London’s status as the capital of European tech startups. London vs Berlin: which startup ecosystem will lead Europe?
  3. Labs of Latvia presents a useful overview of Baltic startup scene in numbers.
  4. Here are seven things every entrepreneur should know about Russian startup scene.
  5. Sofia-based startup Imagga, which is known for its sophisticated technology for recognizing objects and concepts in digital pictures, has been awarded the Tech for Big Player Award.
  6. Check out the startup events that will be held in Central and Eastern Europe until the end of 2015.
  7. Here is an interview with Andrey Kolodyuk from Aventures Capital, a leading VC fund in Ukraine, who comments on startup ecosystem and most promising companies in Ukraine, as well as on how the political climate affects Ukrainian entrepreneurs.
  8. Three Cypriot startups headed to SLUSH, the world’s “Premier League” for startup entrepreneurs. Find out what ReserveEat, CiReNews and Zoom Cyprus offer here.
  9. Here is Magazine MN’s pick of top six Swiss e-commerce startups to watch.
  10. Handelszeitung presents Top 100 best startups in Switzerland.

Photo Charles Clegg