Saturday November 3

The story of Mr. Nadella (Chapter Four)


…When Nadella took over as CEO, he started by asking some very basic questions: “What is it that we should do? What’s the sensibility that would be lost if we should disappear?” Technology trends come and go, but Microsoft needed to stand for something eternal. Nadella revitalized the company’s sense of mission. Now, Microsoft is in business to “empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more.” He fostered a very collaborative and open culture that values continual learning and a growth mindset. Microsoft is attracting more talent, building more strategic partnerships and listening to customers better as a result. Now, Microsoft is a growth stock again, its share price doubling under Nadella’s watch, after a long period of stagnation with Ballmer.

Nadella’s changes to the company are based on strong feelings about what the company can and should do – its purpose. They come out of a personal crisis….

Original photo Johannes Marliem