Board Blind Spots: 12 Cognitive Biases that can Hamper Corporate Performance

Parts III & IV Organizations exist to amass and coordinate/deploy resources. They are structured to make the best strategic decisions accordingly. Organizational hierarchy is meant to help that decision-making process. The higher up the ranking, the more decision-making power the individual usually has. This dynamic creates corporate dangers that the Board should watch out for and help monitor and prevent. Let’s look […]

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Waiting For ESG: Social Change Takes Time… Then Suddenly It’s Here

The French Revolution began 13 years after the American War of Independence and lasted six years. The democratic ideals behind the revolution seemed to fail afterward, as conservative forces took back power. Yet, ultimately, democracy proved too powerful a force and spread around much of the world. Democracy, today, it is the norm. Likewise, World War […]

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It’s Time for Boards to Take Purpose & Impact Seriously

Boards provide critical guidance and support at every stage of a company’s life. The traditional orientation of a Board, however, is to focus on performance and growth to drive shareholder value. While these are worthy objectives, they represent outputs, not causes. The inspiration, alignment, and resiliency required for organizational success come from a sense of purpose.  Purpose is the impact the company aims to have on the […]

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The Purpose of a Board: Guidance in Staying True

Facebook’s reputation turned over the course of two crises that changed the way many people see the impact of social media. The first crisis was in 2011 when the Arab Spring uprising led to mass protests and upheaval around the Middle East. In regions where state media was in control, social media, especially Facebook, was credited with spreading “real” news and […]

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A Stake in Society: Will Corporations Lead Us Through COVID and Beyond?

Throughout modern history, societies around the world have been led by the state, administered by some form of government — democracy, republic, constitutional monarchy, etc. Corporations typically have significant influence — backing leaders, shaping policy, lobbying for special rules — but the state is the focal point for the decisions and policies that affect our lives. In that […]

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Run the Talk

Corporate Messages During Crisis: Responding to Historical Moments “Make it simple, but significant.”                                                                                     […]

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Achieving Business Equilibrium

The Three Laws of Crisis: What Thermodynamics Teaches Us “Things fall apart; the center cannot hold;Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world…” WB Yeats   Once upon a time, I studied chemical engineering. Those classes usually feel like another lifetime, but more recently, as people talk about the confusion and uncertainty of the COVID crisis, I’ve […]

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It is never too late

Social Injustice and the Gift of Crisis – 5 Steps for Your Company A horrible murder was committed on May 25, 2020 on an ordinary street in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The victim was an African American man named George Floyd. The murderer was a police officer. Normally, such an event might have gone unnoticed, but the […]

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