My life in 2020 — A year that changed everything

January 20 — Pondering the Meaning of Life! Are we here to pursue happiness and make our dreams come true? What does happiness even mean? Is it like biting into wonderful home-made Swiss Chocolate? Or is it more like making wonderful home-made Swiss Chocolate for others to enjoy? My YPO Forum-friend, Sandra, and I had this very debate next to a fireplace on a cold, […]

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A Stake in Society: Will Corporations Lead Us Through COVID and Beyond?

Throughout modern history, societies around the world have been led by the state, administered by some form of government — democracy, republic, constitutional monarchy, etc. Corporations typically have significant influence — backing leaders, shaping policy, lobbying for special rules — but the state is the focal point for the decisions and policies that affect our lives. In that […]

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COVID-19 and the Opportunity to Fix the World

Inmy book, The Gift of Crisis, I listed 10 challenges as potential “level one” global problems that could and probably would disrupt society, business, the economy, and even the course of humanity in the future. COVID-19 was not one of them. But the pandemic has further exposed two looming challenges that I did list — access to healthcare and economic injustice. Business […]

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Achieving Business Equilibrium

The Three Laws of Crisis: What Thermodynamics Teaches Us “Things fall apart; the center cannot hold;Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world…” WB Yeats   Once upon a time, I studied chemical engineering. Those classes usually feel like another lifetime, but more recently, as people talk about the confusion and uncertainty of the COVID crisis, I’ve […]

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