Recruiting Top Talent (5 Rules Successful Executives Know)

Organizations around the world share one huge problem: recruiting top talent. 

They have the strategy, product, pipeline and opportunity. They want to move fast. But, their biggest roadblock is that they do not have enough people who get it. 

So, what’s the best thing you can do to attract more talent?

Nothing. You need to let talent find you. 

Whenever I entered a new leadership role as an executive, I could see the problems we needed to solve and the best path forward. The first thing I had to do was fill out my team with the right people. 

Every time, it was the same problem: not enough talent. We didn’t have exceptional managers or salespeople. We needed people who could close the deal and think outside of the box.

I realized that searching for talent took up too much attention and resources. I needed to come up with a different approach.

If you don’t change the way you recruit talent, the problem will get bigger and bigger. As HR guru Dave Ulrich says, “People matter, but organizations matter more.” You need to create the right environment for talent to find you.

Here’s five ways to flip the script and give talent reasons to beat down your door:
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#1: Make It Clear What Your Organization Stands For.

If you want to build your team with people who have similar values, then you need to make your values known. You want your organization to clearly exemplify these values, so similar people are attracted to your culture. Ask yourself these questions:

  1. How will your company change the world?
  2. Why is it great to work at your company? 
  3. Is it exciting? Fast-paced? 
  4. What’s your vision? 
  5. What does success look like? 
  6. How do you help people learn and grow in their jobs? 
  7. Do you produce the best salespeople? 
  8. Do you have the most nimble thinkers? The fastest project teams?

It helps to have a few superstars on your team who stand out and embody the best of your company.

#2: Create An Open, Exciting Environment.

Invite talented outsiders in to help you. Keep your thinking fresh and edgy by bringing in different types of outsiders. Invite people from academia and consulting for an experienced viewpoint, or people from startups for a different perspective on mature businesses.

Be transparent about the challenges the company faces. Involve your team members and ask them how they would solve problems. Make people think of your company as an innovative organization that is open to new ideas.

#3: Encourage Your Talent to Become Industry Famous.

You want your people to be known for their ideas and expertise. Let them speak, publish blogs and get quoted in articles. 

If they build credible personal brands, then your company will benefit from their exposure. After all, if your people are happy then your company will grow. 

#4: Let People Work For You On Their Terms.

Talented people don’t want to be caged. Often, they’ll want to work on a project or consulting-basis in the beginning. This is a great way for you both to get acquainted and understand each other’s capabilities. 

#5: Get the Right Public Accolades. 

Make sure you get the right public accolades from associations and competitions. You want people to look for the best place to work, or for the most innovative company in the world.

To conclude, flipping the script on talent recruitment is a game changer. When you become a magnet for talent, you will find better quality people to consider and bring on board. 

This ends up creating a positive feedback loop. You’ll gain a reputation for being an exciting place to work, which helps you make it an even more exciting place to work.

Word of mouth will spread and your recruitment efforts will multiply.

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