No More Legos

I’m interested in how you bring great ideas, great cultures, and great approaches to scale.

Molly Graham has done that at 3 rapidly growing companies – Google, FaceBook, and Quip. According to Graham, scaling is crazy hard and unique every time. You need to:

  • Prepare people for the journey they’ll experience
  • Be willing to give away your own job every few months
  • Understand that different phases of size. Eg. 30-50 people and you go from being a family to being a company
  • Hire the first 100 people carefully because they dictate the next 100
  • Start thinking in terms of teams after 750
  • List what qualities you want your company to embody
  • Communicate constantly
  • Develop amazing leaders
  • Fire people when it’s not working
  • Prioritize principles over process