Monday November 19

Searching for Urgency (Chapter Four)

“You have to BE the right kind of person first, then you must DO the rights things before you can expect to HAVE”

Zig Ziglar


That understanding of purpose and the realization that it can drive innovation and growth is something I searched for after Ukraine. It took me a while to figure it out.

When we were in Ukraine, [Tweet “the crisis we all faced catalyzed our sense of purpose which in turn helped us develop our performance as a team and grow our leadership skills”]. But I wondered how that sense of urgency and energy could be replicated without a really dire and immediate crisis at hand? In a way, without a crisis, we seemed to lack a purpose.

This became a very pressing question after my term in Ukraine ended and I was rotated back to corporate HQ in Lausanne. Suddenly, all that urgency and energy was gone, and I felt the lack of purpose in my own life and wasn’t sure how to instill it in my new team or even what to instill. Like a professional athlete after the season ends or a musician after a concert, I crashed emotionally after my adrenaline rush was over….