Timeo Danaos et dona ferentes

Virgil – around 20 BC

It means “beware of those who brings you gifts” and broadly paraphrased and known as “beware of Greeks bearing gifts”. It originates from the story of Troy and the notorious horse which eventually played a critical role in the destruction of the city.

I am thinking of  m a n i p u l a t o r s. You want to naturally help others. But do you sometimes feel badly mistreated? Is somebody getting advantage of you?

Here is what I recently came across in George Simon’s book “Sheep’s Clothing”. George describes and unpacks their 9 key behaviors:
Seduction, repetitive Lying, Denial, selective Inattention (they may disappear without obvious reason), Diversion (we sometimes call this bridging), Guilt, Shaming, Victimizing, Confusion.
You want to disclose them? If you are VERY angry maybe it’s not a bad idea. In my view its better to watch out, observe, understand and if unable to avoid, just ignore them and move on.