What’s the secret to employee success at Google and Amazon – two companies that are among the most successful in the world?

Luck and gratitude, according to research into employee data at those companies. Feeling lucky and grateful for what you have…. I call that a positive, optimistic attitude, and I’ve always believed it was a key attribute of those who become successful. I think it provides you with the ability to see possibilities, to be fun, to be around, to rally others in a cause, and to be resilient and creative when times are tough. Some people believe that we are always for some periods of our life lucky and we need to capitalize on those slots – Return of Luck.

But what’s underneath that positive attitude? To me, it’s a sense of PURPOSE. When you have a feeling that you are part of or meant for something bigger, it seems easier to look past setbacks, mundane tasks, frustration, bad emotions, and other things that can knock us down. What do you think?