Keeping Your Team Creatively Inspired

It’s hard to keep a group or team creatively inspired. It’s much easier to get stuck in routine, meetings, emails, deadlines, and other activities that focus on getting stuff done but fail to give us the ideas or energy of creative inspiration.

I liked two items on this list of 4:

  1. Encourage inspiration missions – getting people away from their work to investigate or learn something new is always a jolt of creative energy… having them come back to share those insights with the others is a step I rarely see taken.
  2. Disrupt patterns – Oh, I believe this is so true. When is the last time a creative burst of energy came to you? Were you on a flight? At a concert? On a run? We need to shake things up once in a while just to be stimulated in different ways… Damn, just try walking on the other side of the street once in a while or take the stairs instead of the elevator!
  3. Invest in the new — Giving people a personal growth fund to involve themselves in new experiences sounds like a good idea but I think like a lot of startup investments it may require more time and money and attention for the benefits it provides. Nope.
  4. Engage all 6 senses – This seems to be a call to expand our input from one or two lenses to many, but I’m not sure I get it.


How do you get your team creatively inspired?


Photo: Claire Lo