Island Where People Forgot to Die

Some years ago, I spent a wonderful summer week in Ikaria, a beautifully rough place, lost in the Aegean Sea.

I was told “it’s a particular place”, but I didn’t believe it at the time. I quickly realized that watches are not in use as they are not in need there. The residents and even the tourists after a while are kind of living with the “sun-clock” or the “stomach-clock”. Shops are not in operation in the mornings, taverns serve you dinner with a smile after hours of waiting, young people are frequenting in traditional cafes and dancing folk dances in big groups on festive occasions like August 15th Madonna’s Day. The sea, the beach, are breathtaking. It’s a DIFFERENT place. After the shock of the first 48 hours, you seriously love it. You want to come again and again. Ikaria is a magnet.

It became known as the place where people Forget To Die. Do they know the secret to long life? Good health? Good friends? Good food? Ikaria and many similar places in Greece are famous for the quality of life and now length of life. Maybe that’s another reason why my dad is so happy! What else is missing?”

photo: Chilly Gin