Every month, my friends all over the world send me links on topics that are important to leaders. I’d like to share them with you. Feel free to chip in.


  1. Is your company actually ready to innovate? Test your organization’s readiness in four key areas by taking HBR assessment.
  2. Comparing R&D spending in 2007 and 2015 reveals the new geography of innovation. S+B describes innovation’s new world order and shows where companies spend their R&D money.
  3. In this interview, Larry Keeley, Cofounder of Doblin — Deloitte LLP’s innovation and design firm, talks about the core challenge of bringing innovation practice to the world of business.
  4. Read key takeaways from CEO Roundtable about technology’s impact on business innovation and transformation.
  5. In this HuffPost entry, innovation expert Jeff DeGraff suggests three approaches to effectively confront the unique obstacles that innovation throws on the way of corporate leaders.
  6. Forbes suggests 4 ways to redefine innovation in the enterprise by changing how we think about innovation.


Sharing Economy

  1. Read how the sharing economy and on-demand services can improve your next business trip in this entertaining HBR overview.
  2. Check the “Growth of Sharing in the Collaborative Economy” infographics and learn what this mean for established corporations with HuffPost.
  3. The sharing economy has revolutionized travel and transportation. Is a similar disruption coming to retail? A new eMarketer report investigates the potential.



  1. Inc. magazine presents its “Top Start-ups of the Year” list. Keep up with the updates here.
  2. Learn from Startups: these companies spill some of their secrets for successfully fuelling growth while keeping cost to a minimum.
  3. Check out how the latest tech trend WebRTC could help providing better sales and customer service.
  4. Find out how hyper growth startup Intercom helps 8,000 companies communicate with their customers.



  1. How did the greatest entrepreneurs start out? What were their biggest successes and failures? Check the careers of 33 inspirational company founders in this entertaining chart.
  2. Here are five principles and actions of serial entrepreneurs that help to become serial winners.
  3. Check how CNN is fostering innovation and entrepreneurship inside the company.


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