Good night Mr HiPPO

Corporate Schizophrenia

When I started my first job, there was a colleague working next to me,

sharing space in the same open plan. Very calm, quiet type of lady, wearing glasses. One day, I could not resist and asked her “how come you spend so much time staring at the same point of your screen, without moving an inch ?”.

“Shhhh…” she replied to me. “I am sleeping. Some day I will teach you how to do it with open eyes”.

Since then I met various colleagues or clients sleeping in open spaces, meetings, presentations, or in various circumstances during work.

The funniest thing is when the HiPPO (highest paid person in the room), the one for whom you have spent days & nights to prepare a ppt, is   s l e e p i n g

Remedy: Sleep longer (and better), do speed meetings if any at all


Thank you Adam Grant of surfacing this lovely Dilbert

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