Customer Service

Anastas is Bulgarian, divorced, years in Canada and London, his single daughter lives in Sofia,

“happy with Uber?”, “yes its all right”, “here is some chocolate”

Mohamed is Syrian, born in London, very friendly and funny, “yeah it used to be OK, but now with 45 thousand drivers, its tough”, “hey don’t forget to give me feedback”

I don’t know her name, she Afro-British, on the Swiss check-in counter, the airport is London City, smiling, glasses, “maybe I don’t do good for the trees, but I always ask passengers if they want me to print their boarding passes-its safer to have them in paper anyway, isn’t it?”

5 stars and tip to my today’s Uber drivers, green button for the check-in lady.

After all, customer service culture can make the micro-moments of our life so much better.

Thank you!