Corporate Emotions

How to manage your emotional culture?

When you think about culture, you tend to use your head not your heart, but culture is most effective when it has an emotional impact on employees. This HBR article says that smart companies manage their emotional culture. Emotion’s clearly have a big impact on employees in terms of satisfaction, teamwork, burnout, loyalty, passion, and performance… And a lot of companies talk about the importance of things like caring or fun in their culture… But if you truly want to shift from “talking about emotions” to living those emotions you need to make them real for people… Right now, in my team, I’m trying to make sure we have a fun, collaborative, highly creative and communicative atmosphere, so I’ve changed all the furniture, brightened the colors, and encouraged meetings to be more like hanging out at a coffee shop… That’s having a real impact on the way people work and play in my group.

Photo by Daniel