Monday November 19

Searching for Urgency (Chapter Four) "You have to BE the right kind of person first, then you must DO the rights things before you can expect to HAVE" Zig Ziglar…

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Saturday November 3

The story of Mr. Nadella (Chapter Four)   ...When Nadella took over as CEO, he started by asking some very basic questions: “What is it that we should do? What’s…

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Saturday September 29

Chapter Three - Teams Thrive on Purpose ...In a crisis, when chaos or confusion threatens to take over, somehow human beings often reveal their best selves, usually by joining together in…

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Sunday September 2

Chapter Three: WE NEVER STOP .....In a positive team environment, people give and get all the time. They contribute and are supported in turn. This makes them feel less lonely…

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Thursday March 15

Personal Life Story (Chapter 2)

If you’ve never had an executive coach, I’m sorry for you. [Tweet “A good coach can be a life and career changer”].


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Crisis and Krisis - Chapter One ......In a candid moment, sort of at the end of my rope, I told my superiors how responsible I felt for our bad performance…

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