I’ve always worked in Marketing, Sales and General Management for Fast Moving Consumer Goods. I’m a father of two wonderful children, Dimitris and Elena. I grew up in Athens but have lived across Europe. I speak English, French and Italian as well as my mother tongue – Greek. I think that living in a meaningful way while achieving success in business is one of the most interesting and rewarding opportunities of our time. Here are some of the things that are important to me:


#Ideas & Innovation

I love ideas. The bigger the idea, the more excited I am. And I’m passionate about making those ideas come to life.

I’m curious by nature and I scan broadly all the time. Often my best ideas come from connecting dots and combining things from one area, industry, approach or category with another. I think that’s how humans have always created great new products, compelling services, and the most fascinating stories and works of art.

Ideas don’t belong to any one person. They’re floating around and available to whoever latches on. When I conceive something, and “see” it, and know how much benefit or transformation will result because of it, I can’t stop myself. I put in the sweat, overcome the obstacles, and make whatever adjustments are necessary along the way. I feel tremendous ownership during this stage and am very demanding with myself and others about standards and expectations, and tenacious about achieving results.

Then, once the idea finally exists, I’m happy to hand it off to someone else!


#People & Teams

As much as I love to connect ideas together, I also love to connect with people.

I believe in the power of people – as individuals and in teams.

I produce better with others. My brain works faster. My ideas are more interesting. Together, we multiply our capabilities and achieve so much more.

I enjoy the company of people, too. Whether we’re working hard on a project or sharing thoughts and opinions over a glass of wine, I like to see the good in everyone, and love sharing a laugh.

I get great satisfaction when the people who work for me discover more of their own potential and stretch their abilities to new levels. When they make strides in their careers and get rewarded and recognized for doing so, it means more to me than any personal success.

By nature, I am someone who looks after others, and have a caring but demanding approach when it comes to helping people grow and succeed. It starts with my children and my family, and it’s even more direct with my employees and co-workers, but I feel that way about my friends, too, and even my community.


#Meaning & Fulfillment

I think happiness is rare and shows up in our lives in isolated instances, sometimes for only the briefest of moments. We should treasure those times, and appreciate them, but not get lost in a pursuit for more happiness or constant elation because that’s an impossible goal.

It’s far more important to pursue a life of meaning and fulfillment.

I believe that humans live for meaning. This is why it’s important to work hard, achieve goals, grow as individuals and teams, and be successful. By pursuing meaning, we are able to create something out of nothing and bring it to the world.

I don’t think material wealth or external success is nearly as important as the satisfaction of accomplishing a goal and realizing your own potential. I earn what I need to earn to cover my needs, and I enjoy validation when it indicates that I have achieved something worthwhile. But I prefer to dig and search for new ideas while sharing that exploration, hard work and progress with others, and celebrating our success together.

I think that’s how we make the world a better place.



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