2018 – A Year with “Better Tacos”

One of the past few nights, I’ve been trying to put together some thoughts on the year that is …

about to end and about the brand new one that is about to start.

I decided to summarize the ideas that are on my mind and have been keeping me up at night over the past months.


Idea #1















The word “future” no longer means what the dictionaries say it does. We’ve gone from thinking about the future as alluring, unpredictable, and distant to something else. With the burst of technologies, data, algorithms, artificial intelligence and the changes in our jobs, the economy, our lives, our relationships, and even the way our body chemistry reacts to social media (dopamine triggers as “likes”), the “future” is a practical sense our daily moment, the here and now, not something far off or invisible.

According to Moore`s law, the processing power for computers, is doubling every other year. I believe many other things will follow the same pace of expansion.

10, …, 20, …, 40, …, 80, …, 160, ….

Less (global) equilibrium, new (crypto) currencies, new (cyber) threats, new (opioid) crises, new (platformed) businesses, new (experience) marketing, new (remote) work.

Idea #2














But above all, in our future-is-now era, I believe purpose is more important than ever.

Having meaning – a compass in your life and business – will make all the discomfort, radical change and even the disruptions easy (ier) to get through and hopefully succeed in the end. I am passionate about the idea of purpose and writing a book about the very subject.

My book project







Idea #3

Simplicity, back to essence, the principles of business and life.

I read a post from Seth Godin that I would like to quote:

Seth Godin



Make better tacos

In a competitive business like the local taco shop, here’s how it’s supposed to work:

Keep the place clean

Hire friendly staff

Make better tacos

Offer a fun, connected, even memorable experience

What often happens instead is that you coin some clever trademarks, worry about coupons, cut corners on ingredients and expand as fast as you can. What happens is that you build a moat around your business, get defensive about the status quo and race to the bottom. You’re generic now, and you fight the battles that being generic forces you to fight.

And it’s not just a business that makes tacos. It’s monopolistic internet access, freelance graphic design and everything in between.

When in doubt, make better tacos.”

I love it, I love Seth although I have never met him.

So, try next year to live the future with more purpose and better tacos.


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